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  • ETM Metal Group

ETM Metals Group

PT. ETM Metal Grup is a national private company and is engaged in mining tin, with the vision of the tin and alumunium company notion wide private sector that has the ability to meet the demands from the global tin and alumunium market with quality items high and sustained, figure out marketing strategis, budgeting along. with procurement of capital, managing the corporate finance and its subsidiaries, formulate values, norms, and thingking of corporate basis, define business development, both purchases and alliances by subsidiaries.

We carry the vision of business continuity and improve competitiveness from the global competitiveness from the global competition and ready to develop a competent human resources and contains the integrity and understand the relationship harmony with most customers.


Corporate Overview

Our Business

Leading supplier of Metals Product.

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Our Vision

We will strive to attract, develop and retain the best…

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Our Values

operates around the world and we want them to have…

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Our Strategy

Achieve long-term sustainable growth as an international Supplier Metals Product.

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The exploration drilling and incapacitated using a Tanjung Balai drill manually which has the capability of drilling to up to 30 meters depth, and also techanical drill that may drill to 60 measures depth. Offshore exploration using a Drilling Boat or any Drilling Pontoons. Such..

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Processing and Smelting

Derived from offshore and onshore mining with tin level of 20-30%, are processed and smelted in the washing plant. In line with major dependence on smelting process, tin ores as well as associated mineral are separated and the level must be increased as much as 72-74%. This process...

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Offshore Mining

With term of offshore exploration, the Company operates 7 cuft – twenty-four cuft Bucket Line Dredges using operation capacity of 15 – 50 metres below sea level and digging capability up to more than 3. 5 million cubic meters of material every month. In order...

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Onshore Mining

The operations area of ETM covering Tanjung Balai and section of Riau Islands, both onshore in addition to offshore. Onshore mining operated in Mining Concession (KP) which mostly in Tanjung Balai. Alluvial mining process recognized by adequate equipment like gravel pump and humprey spiral which operation is...

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