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  • ETM Metal Group

Processing and Smelting

Derived from offshore and onshore mining with tin level of 20-30%, are processed and smelted in the washing plant. In line with major dependence on smelting process, tin ores as well as associated mineral are separated and the level must be increased as much as 72-74%. This process is essential to discover the best quality of tin metal with high Sn degree and low impurities.
Up coming process, tin ores has to undergo a smelting process into tin metal. To obtain the best quality of reduced lead tin metal, refining process is necessary by using purifying device called crystallizer furnished with electrolytic refining. Here, the corporation operates 12 furnaces, which 1 furnaces in Kundur, Riau Island destinations and 11 furnaces in Mentok, Bangka. Final products are usually in form of bar tin metal with average bodyweight of 16 kg to be able to 30 kg per bar. In addition, tin metal’s decoration are variable (customized) in line with customer’s requirements which hallmark are listed in London Metal Exchange (LME).